Ungenita Prevost

Monetize Your Network as a Changemaker

It’s time for a new generation of icons, game-changers & gate crashers who are boldly scaling new heights and transforming the world!

Ungenita Prevost is a former Hollywood body double and music video dancer turned feminine leadership expert, international speaker and the founder of  SellingINStilettos® Women.Money.Power. She is based in Europe and the US with a global clientele and a career that spans film/TV, music, beauty and fashion. She’s worked with start-ups, business leaders, celebrities and global brands as a marketing consultant, creative director, brand strategist, sales trainer, fashion merchandiser and spokes model.

Her brand portfolio includes Nike, Victoria’s Secret, The Body Shop, Sony, Paul Mitchell, Wet Seal, Mitsubishi and ING Direct.

In Hollywood, she’s worked with legendary director Steven Spielberg, Jon Bon Jovi, Ashton Kutcher, LL Cool J, Robert Palmer and Janet Jackson, to name a few.

‘Aged out’ of the foster care system at 18 years, she’s experienced every financial hardship you can possibly imagine (homeless, jobless, car-less, cashless and parent-less). Not one to rest on her laurels, she learned to leverage her failures, conquered obstacles and mastered the art of “selling herself”, closing millions of dollars’ worth of sales in her career.

She is also the founder of Future Females London and hosts Women’s Empowerment events on four continents.

In 2019, she will be jet setting around the globe for speaking engagements in US, Sweden, The Netherlands, England, Italy and South Africa.

Join Ungenita for her signature talk Feminine, RICH & POWERFUL.