Sarah Ann Negus

Category: Shaman / Healer

This is my soul’s work — to help you be the best version of yourself and make an impact in the World.

Your beliefs, behaviour, emotions and thoughts are all power signals to the Universe. The life you live will be a reflection of who you are inside. You are the creator of your world.

You can try to hide behind a facade of smiles and success like I did, but if you’re fighting what needs attention on the inside, the Universe will let you know, often in very unpleasant ways.

Been there when the Universe ‘bumps’ you, do it over and over again, so you don’t have to.

I help you shine the light on the dark parts you’ve hidden, so that you acknowledge them, heal or lighten them, and then, move beyond them. In doing so, you rewrite the unconscious story you play throughout each day.

– What was holding you back has now fallen to the side.

– The feelings that have caused sabotage and regret can now be cleared and transmuted.

– The energy you’ve been sending out evolves to work in your favour, every time.

If abundance, happiness, and health have been hit or miss for you, it changes to a daily occurrence.

You are Universally supported in every way, every day.

I help you learn how to plug into that and stay for as long as you please.