Lauren Fitzgerald

Category: Fitness/Health/Nutrition

She is a Medical Doctor and board-certified anesthesiologist who left her practice to pursue her true passion to help others change their health, fitness and life.  She discovered her true passion in 2011 when she started teaching a hip hop fitness class that would later be known as her own unique format called CLUB FITz which became known worldwide by her ever-growing YouTube channel that currently has almost 330K subscribers and >114M total views.

Her 20+ years in the fitness industry combined with her many years in medicine and extensive knowledge base in the field of nutrition has led her to a place in her career where she helps people learn to love the life they live through her “Dance FITzness” and “FITz Flow” exercise formats and her online health, nutrition and wellness coaching programs.

Her calling to help empower others through exercise led to her becoming a health & fitness coach where she teaches others how to make HEALTHY a lifestyle that stays for a lifetime.  Her unique combination of being a physician and a fitness professional help give her the tools to EMPOWER her clients and her team members unlike anyone else.

For more information about Dr. FITz, please visit her website at to view the many ways she can help you learn to live a life you love.