Joakim Odelberg

Speaker & Category: World Changemaker

Today, Joakim is one of the most contracted and respected conservation photographers and underwater filmmakers in Sweden. His devotion to nature both on land and in the sea has reached beyond Swedish borders. He’s also frequently booked for lectures both in Sweden and internationally. Joakim also worked as a popular host for Swedish SVT’s ”Surrounded By Nature.” Currently, he is a bi-weekly nature correspondent on Swedish TV4’s morning news show. As Global Panasonic Ambassador, Joakim documents some of the most endangered and unique species on earth.


TV and Film

Ghosts in the Baltic Sea, 2011, TV
Ghosts in the Baltic Sea, Part 2, 2013, TV
Elephant Census Expedition, Tanzania, WWF Sweden, 2013, Social Media Black Rhinoceros Poaching in Kenya and Tanzania, WWF Sweden, 2014, Social Media
Elephant, Poaching Exposé, Selous, Tanzania, WWF Sweden, 2015, Social Media
Mitt i Naturen (Surrounded By Nature), Swedish Public TV show. 2014 – 2018

  • Mountain Gorilla Census, Ruwanda.
  • Sharks, ”We are not on their menu,” Jupiter, Florida
  • Spirit Bear, ”The Great Bear Rain Forest,” British Columbia,Canada
  • Wolves, ”The problems with inbreeding,” Sweden
  • Jaguars, ”The conflict between jaguars and agriculture,”Pantanal, Brazil
  • Lynx, ”The threatened Swedish Lynx”
  • Orcas, Norway
  • Birds, Migration on Malta
  • Puffins and guillemots, Hornøya, Norway.
  • Lions, reintroduction of lions in Akagera national park, Rwanda
  • Endemic species, Gotland, Sweden
  • Fresh water crayfish endangered, Sweden
  • Gibbon monkeys, rehabilitation and tourism, Thailand
  • Coral bleaching, Thailand
  • Seal situation, habitat loss, Baltic Sea
  • Manta ray, Olive Ridley turtle and coral, Maldives
  • Bluefin tuna, Back in Sweden after 50 years absenceSwedish Society for Nature Conservation, ”Does Sustainable Palm Oil Exist? Riau, Sumatra
    WWF Sweden/International/Tanzania and Tawiri and ”Selous, The Last Wilderness: satellite collaring elephants, 2017. Social Media

    Madagascar, Panasonic film about nature and photography, 2017. Social Media
    WWF Greece, Loggerhead turtle and Posedonia (Neptune grass), 2018. Social Media


    2014 – Wildlife Trafficking Exhibition, Beijing
    2014 – Wildlife Trafficking Media Presentation, China, Reach: 200 million
    2016 – Marine Debris – National radio tour, Sweden
    2016 – 2018: One Planet, One Life, One Chance – A lecture about Joakim’s body of work as a conservation documentary producer
    November 2017: Post Explorers – Inspirational lectures culminating in a final presentation with children as hosts
    2017 – Ocean Conference, UN New York. I represented Sweden as part of the Swedish delegation and exhibited a film about ocean garbage
    November 2018: A sustainable talkshow – traveling lecture series with expert guests in different fields of conservation
    Annually – Photokina, Cologne, Germany
    Annually – Naturalist/Lecturer on Polar Quest, Svalbard expeditions
    2012 to 2018: A world worth saving – ongoing lectures about saving the planet 2019 – MC at the International Ocean Film Festival in San Francisco

Awards and recognition

  • Explorers Club Fellow International
  • International Underwater Film festival, EUIFA environmental award,Belgrade, for ’Ghosts in the Baltic Sea’, about the issue of ghost nets.
  • North Sea Film festival, Anemone environmental award.
  • Blue Ocean Film Festival, Monterey, CA, honorary mention.
  • Thorden Foundation, environmental award and grant.
  • Kristallen TV Award for ’30 Degrees in februari,’ best DramaReferences

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