Do we wish we could fix everything that’s ever
been wrong with the world we live in?

Of course.

But we wanted to make our mission sustainable, so we chose to focus on the thing you’d least expect to still be normal in so many parts of the world — slavery. Not a word we typically use, but we need you to know that “human trafficking” is a fancy modern term that stands for a very unevolved thing. It may look like child prostitution, or people forced to work as staff in mansions, or even something as ubiquitous as a free porn website. Some of the victims are taken through force. Some through cunning. Some have to play along because there are no other options to survive.

What we do at Do Good Now is creating better options. Facilitate awareness campaigns so that nobody falls for the old tricks the traffickers play. Use wonderful tools like microfinance to help create jobs where there are no good ones. Help survivors recover from the atrocities they had to live through. Help our fellow westerners make consumer choices that move the needle in the right direction.

Through it all, we run at ZERO operating costs and full transparency.

Every cent of every donation we receive goes to support only the most viable of local projects. No spending on first-class tickets for executives. No corruption or vanity investments. No unreasonable demands on our tribe of ambassadors (which we hope you’ll join!) to give up their entire lives, either.

Just a very real commitment to Do Good Now and help you do the same.



Do Good Now Global is a non-profit whose main goal is to STOP the DEMAND on Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation.

The DEMAND comes from POVERTY. Families sell their children in the hopes of ‘promised’ education and food that current families cannot provide.


The Mission is to build a BED & BREAKFAST, RETREAT HOUSE and second TRANSIT HOME for the girls and women victimised by human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Education >> Girls and Women are taught to self-sustain themselves rather than live off pity and donations.

Empowerment >> Girls and Women can through their education not only self-sustain themselves but create a ripple effect for girls and women in families considering to sell their children because of poverty. Instead, girls and women are empowered through micro-financing and education.

Human Development >> Self-actualisation for any human being is achieved through communities. Not being taken advantage of and through mind-body-and-soul education.

CREATE A STRONG COMMUNITY THROUGH CHANGEMAKERS GLOBAL UNITE, that will support the EMPOWER-over-PITY Campaign in Nepal with the help of Changemakers all over the world and their expertise!


I’m Ulrika Lorenz,

a successful entrepreneur, mother of four, and buyer of many a fast car, most of them electric (thank you, Elon Musk!). And I’m here to tell you, you don’t need to be any different than you are right now. You don’t need to dedicate your entire life to service, or become a card-carrying minimalist, or wear rags, or grow into it. If you have air in your lungs, some time on your hands, or maybe a bit more cash than you need for your lattes, you’re ready to fight poverty and abuse NOW.

Entrepreneur. Investor. Visionary.
Lover of luxury. Conscious consumer.
Founder of Do Good Now.
Chief Editor for
Sponsored SOS Children’s Villages from the age of 14

I’ve experienced the good, the bad, and the ugly of “aid work” during my stint at the Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Sweden. “It’s time we take human rights to a new level and start talking about human responsibilities.” Not one to shy away from a glamorous party or a fancy multi-course dinner with a side of soul conversation, I’ve never let my love for a nice life keep me from fighting for what’s right. I use my intimate work as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, as well as the wealth, skills and connections I’ve amassed as a successful businesswoman, to help others go from ignorance to awareness, and from awareness to action on 2018’s most pressing humanitarian issues. It’s my hope that we can all stand together against an ugly thing like human trafficking, and dismantle it with grace, style, and conviction.

Do Good Now. Feel Good Now.
And be the change already. We’ll help.


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