This September a GROUP OF PHENOMENALLY DRIVEN CHANGEMAKERS are gathering in London, United Kingdom for a day of inspiration and positive action. We will talk about living our change, finding our purpose, creating meaningful careers that make a positive impact and ‘having it all’ by maintaining a balanced lifestyle. We bring together global thought leaders from around the world for a new kind of empowerment for changemakers. This day is the ‘GO TO’ event for changemakers who are ready to smash the status quo and raise the bar on change making worldwide.


You have something that puts you on the same level as every one of the famous Changemakers such as Nelson Mandela, Sir David Attenborough, Malala Yousafzai, Prince William: The willingness to make a positive change in the world, in whatever way you can!

And you’re about to have the opportunity to see that for yourself.

Do Good Now Global is hosting “Changemakers Global Unite” for changemakers who walk their talk and are creating change THEIR way – whether it’s on a small or large scale.

This is a changemaker movement.

This event takes place once a year with visionary risk-takers who want nothing more than to ensure that their change making initiatives are being implemented regardless of their influential status.

No matter what area it targets: The arts, mental health, entrepreneurship, life, architecture or high-performance…

Your efforts are wanted. They’re needed. THEY’RE INVALUABLE.

…And we at Do Good Now Global want to AMPLIFY your efforts beyond your wildest imagination!


Make the choice today to be part of the Changemakers Global Unite event and be part of the greatest movement this world has ever seen – a movement to create a world you can be proud to leave to future generations!

This is your time. This is your moment.


An exceptional line up of CHANGEMAKERS who are making an impact globally.

Jairek Robbins

Keynote Speaker & Category: Empowerment & Business

Optimizing Your Health And Business Performance

Joakim Odelberg

Speaker & Category: World Changemaker

World's number one sought conservation photographers and underwater filmmakers

Gail Dines

Category: Non-Profit - Leading Expert in Stopping Pornography

Author and Founder of Culture Reframed and the book Pornland.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

Category: Business - Leading Expert in Brand Building

Building Your Brand Built On Your Life Purpose Not Your Profession

Allon Khakshouri

Category: Performance

High Performance Expert, and Former Manager of World Number One Tennis Player Novak Djokovic

    Steven Eugene Kuhn

    Category: Health / Steven Eugene Kuhn

    Build trust and rapport through a process Steven calls H.I.T.

    Michelle van Vuuren

    Category: Design / CEO: MVV Global Construction & Property

    One of the most influential women in property in the world…

      Lena Salmi

      Category: Sport & Empowerment

      Meet Lena, the 64-Year-Old Skateboarder Who's Infinitely Cooler Than You

        G. Brian Benson

        Category: Music (Artist - Spoken word)

        Award-Winning & #1 Best-Selling Author, Coach, Creative, TEDx Speaker, Radio Personality, Actor, 4x Ironman Triathlete


          The Changemakers Global Business Awards for 16x different Categories. Have you applied?

          Nadja Swarovski

          Category: Design: Fashion / Jewellery / Interior

          Dave Sleet

          Category: (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

          Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie

          Category: Supportive Therapy (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

          Alisoun Mackenzie

          Category: Non-Profit

          Sherry Ann Dixon

          Category: Journalism & Writing

          Lorne Padman

          Category: Music (Vocals and/or Songwriting)

          Sarah Ann Negus

          Category: Shaman / Healer

          Heidi Nazarudin

          Category: Branding & Beauty/Make-up/Styling

          Marlo Anderson

          Category: Innovation

          Alexander Dacos

          Category: Photography

          Fabienne Raphaël

          Category: Podcaster

          Lauren Fitzgerald

          Category: Fitness/Health/Nutrition

          Steven Eugene Kuhn

          Category: Business Mindset & Strategist

          Jackie Groundsell

          Category: Blogger

          Ungenita Prevost

          Monetize Your Network as a Changemaker

          A former Hollywood body double and music video dancer turned feminine leadership expert, founder of  SellingINStilettos®

          Allon Khakshouri

          Category: Supportive Therapy (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

            Justina Rosu

            Category: Videography

            Andrew Eggelton

            Category: Speaker - Coach

            Jacqueline Rogers

            Category: Networking Organisation

            Steve Rodway

            Category: Music (Vocals and/or Songwriting)