Enter the 2019 Awards and you get visibility in front of our combined 1million+ online audience of partners, speakers & judges.

Winning an award gives endorsement from the panel of high profile judges & provides a credible way to let your clients and following know you are a recognised leader of your field.

Becoming a finalist and/or winner opens up vast marketing and PR opportunities.


Overall Category Winner:
> From all the category winners ONE Winner will be selected as an overall winner for the Changemakers Global Unite. This winner wins a Social Media Marketing Strategy from Marque Media.
> Paid speaking slot for the Changemakers Global Unite 2020
> Exclusive Merchandising Design Collaboration

A live draw will take place with all entrants attending LIVE to win:
> Brand Strategy Audit with Sashka Hanna-Rappl from BrandSashka
> Paid speaking slot for the Changemakers Global Unite 2020

Category Prize:
> One exclusive award is awarded to the winner of each category.
> Media Exposure for all Category Winners as Do Good Now Global’s Ambassador

Category Prize “MUSIC”:
> The winner of the category MUSIC stands the chance of winning a Music Production Masterclass with the Grammy-Nominated Steve Rodway.



















Jairek Robbins

Keynote Speaker & Category: Empowerment & Business

Optimizing Your Health And Business Performance

Joakim Odelberg

Speaker & Category: World Changemaker

World's number one sought conservation photographers and underwater filmmakers

Gail Dines

Category: Non-Profit - Leading Expert in Stopping Pornography

Author and Founder of Culture Reframed and the book Pornland.

Sashka Hanna-Rappl

Category: Business - Leading Expert in Brand Building

Building Your Brand Built On Your Life Purpose Not Your Profession

Allon Khakshouri

Category: Performance

High Performance Expert, and Former Manager of World Number One Tennis Player Novak Djokovic

    Steven Eugene Kuhn

    Category: Health / Steven Eugene Kuhn

    Build trust and rapport through a process Steven calls H.I.T.

    Michelle van Vuuren

    Category: Design / CEO: MVV Global Construction & Property

    One of the most influential women in property in the world…

      Lena Salmi

      Category: Sport & Empowerment

      Meet Lena, the 64-Year-Old Skateboarder Who's Infinitely Cooler Than You

        G. Brian Benson

        Category: Music (Artist - Spoken word)

        Award-Winning & #1 Best-Selling Author, Coach, Creative, TEDx Speaker, Radio Personality, Actor, 4x Ironman Triathlete

          Ungenita Prevost

          Monetize Your Network as a Changemaker

          A former Hollywood body double and music video dancer turned feminine leadership expert, founder of  SellingINStilettos®


          Nadja Swarovski

          Category: Design: Fashion / Jewellery / Interior

          Dave Sleet

          Category: (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

          Siobhain (Vonnie) Crosbie

          Category: Supportive Therapy (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

          Alisoun Mackenzie

          Category: Non-Profit

          Dr. Gail Dines

          Category: Non-Profit

          Sherry Ann Dixon

          Category: Journalism & Writing

          Lorne Padman

          Category: Music (Vocals and/or Songwriting)

          Sarah Ann Negus

          Category: Shaman / Healer

          Heidi Nazarudin

          Category: Branding & Beauty/Make-up/Styling

          Marlo Anderson

          Category: Innovation and Business Mindset & Strategy

          Alexander Dacos

          Category: Photography

          Fabienne Raphaël

          Category: Podcaster

          Lauren Fitzgerald

          Category: Fitness/Health/Nutrition

          Steven Eugene Kuhn

          Category: Business Mindset & Strategist

          Jackie Groundsell

          Category: Blogger

          Allon Khakshouri

          Category: Supportive Therapy (Psychotherapy + Life Coaching + High Performance Coaching)

            Ariane de Melo

            Category: Speaker - Coach

            Justina Rosu

            Category: Videography

            Lenka Lutonska

            Category: Business Mindset & Strategist

              Andrew Eggelton

              Category: Speaker - Coach

              Jacqueline Rogers

              Category: Networking Organisation

              Ungenita Prevost

              Category: Networking Organisations + Beauty (Make-up/Styling)

              Steve Rodway

              Category: Music (Vocals and/or Songwriting)


              I am so pleased that you asked this question! The answer is definitely YES! This is a global initiative. All questions are in English. However, you can apply in the language you’re a Changemaker in. You can have a look at the application form here to see what type of questions are asked. We really encourage you to jump over the hurdle of language – in today’s world with Google Translate, friends, family and translation agencies, you really should let nothing stand in your way of showing the world just what an AWESOME Changemaker you are! Shine!

              It’s best to enter with the intention to win. Should this not be the case, then we’d love for you to think about this: By attending the event, despite not being a finalist, you will stand the chance of winning one of the prizes that will benefit you and your business. In addition to that, you will have the opportunity to mingle with other Changemakers and network. That is, build your Rolodex because Changemakers connect and monetize their network.

              This is the hometown of the DO GOOD NOW GLOBAL Founder: Ulrika Lorenz and of course IKEA … and not only are Swedes the friendliest people on earth (alongside South Africa), but it’s a GREAT destination to tick off your bucket list!

              No problem! You can either gift someone you love the other day to attend or donate the monies to the EMPOWER-OVER-PITY Campaign. There are no refunds!

              That’s a great question! I’m sure you know that as an entrepreneur, it’s important to reach a financial goal. And our goal is to raise EURO 200.000,- to build the Bed & Breakfast and Retreat House in Nepal.

              That means, we need to raise that sum of money and on top of that the costs for marketing. That is the hotel, food, speakers, judges, organisation, advertising, and more … that part isn’t free and we don’t expect it to be as we believe in value-exchange. However, those costs need to be taken into consideration too.

              And when you add it all up … well, this is the cost we charge you. Pretty simple equation. And yet, you not only get recognised as the incredible Changemaker that you are BUT you also Empower the women and girls rescued from sex and human trafficking.

              Win-win right!?

              • Networking
              • Lunch
              • Dinner
              • Drinks
              • Entertainment with top DJ’s, singers, songwriters
              • Extraordinary Changemaker Speakers and Judges
              • The chance to win some phenomenal prizes!

              But the most important reason of all is that you’re supporting the EMPOWER-OVER-PITY Campaign.

              KEY INFORMATION

              Early Bird Deadline: 1st May 2019, Midnight CET, FREE Entry.
              FINAL Entry Deadline: Entries are possible until 1st June 2019, Midnight CET, thereafter processing fee of €25. No entries are accepted after that.
              Finalists announced: 10th July 2019
              Awards Finals: 28th September 2019
              Venue: Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget | Box 310 | SE-101 26 STOCKHOLM, Tel: +46 8 676 98 20 |
              Start: 6pm CET

              Changemakers Global Unite starts its inaugural first year, for the Global Business Awards 2019. Created to reward the organisations, teams and individuals who are creating the future of business as Global Changemakers. The CGU is a vehicle for sharing best practice and enables the organisations who enter to promote professional improvement, learning, and personal development. To win or be shortlisted at the CGU is a great honour that identifies you as superior in your industry.

              The awards trophies are a symbol for not only your phenomenal Changemaker difference in the world but indirectly a symbol to the girls and women being rescued from sex and human trafficking, that they can be and do anything they want to, all it takes is empowerment, no pity and a strong supportive community around the world – which is what these Awards support through your participation and exposure.

              SME or Multi-National?

              The awards encompass both B2B and B2C categories in a sector and discipline-specific areas to allow every size of business to be recognised for their achievements. The judges will identify excellence and innovation no matter the size of the organisation and we have found SMEs and large corporations fair equally well in front of the panels of independent judges at the awards finals.

              Who can enter the CGU?

              We welcome entries from all Changemaker businesses, organisations and individuals who are committed to providing exceptional business performance and innovation; whether that is for your customers, partners, suppliers or employees. The awards showcase your business skills, expertise, depth of experience, and enviable talent to your clients and investors while rewarding staff and measuring your success against your competitors.

              What Kinds of Initiatives Can Enter?

              The age of automation is upon us. The judges want to hear from those striving to surpass customer needs and/or are delivering outstanding business performance in their area. The awards aim to celebrate diverse cross-sector enterprises by bringing together in one place, and in one day, the leading examples of great business practice. From the best place to work to innovation and social enterprise, we welcome examples of all initiatives in business and industry.